The Triumphant Church: The Greatest Hope for the World


Many Christians are concerned about what the twenty-first-century church is becoming—and its lack of holiness, compassion, biblical literacy, and relevance to the world. But when has the church not faced tribulation?

In The Triumphant Church, Tony Suarez invites you to journey with him through the New Testament book of Acts as he encourages you to:

  • Invest in the church instead of leaving it
  • Prioritize unity amidst threats of division
  • Trust God to fulfill His promises when facing doubt and fear
  • Expect the best from God when you hear the worst from the world
  • Rise up and make disciples

We are trusted by God to carry out His mission of sharing the gospel to all nations. The noise in the news that says the church is in decline is simply not true. The body of Christ continues to grow and demonstrate that what God promises, He will fulfill.