Revivalmakers with Tony Suarez
The Miracles Continue!


Your generous gift today will help Revivalmakers complete the necessary renovations on the new ministry headquarters and purchase urgently needed broadcasting equipment to help Tony Suarez and his team continue to bring revival “on the border” and around the world by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, touching those in need with healing and deliverance, and releasing the power of the Holy Spirit.

We can do so much more when we do it together! Not only will your generous gift help complete the building, but your giving supports Tony’s tent revivals, preaching and healing crusades, church conferences, international television and internet broadcasts, podcasts, books, and other educational resources. You make all this possible!

Please give your best gift today.

Revivalmakers is the global ministry of Tony Suarez responding to God’s call to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, bring healing to those in need, and unleash the power of the Holy Spirit.
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