Revivalmakers: Stop Chasing a Move of God … and Be One!

Perhaps one of the great hindrances to the next great awakening is that many believers are consumed by the spiritual-sounding concept of “waiting on God to move.” This waiting entails fervent prayer, organized events, and much discussion. While prayer is desperately needed and events may be catalysts for God’s work, could it be that we are waiting for something that God has already released?

In this eye-opening book, Tony Suarez explains that wherever a Spirit-filled believer goes, a move of God should break out. Why? Because the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Revival, is within you. This is walking in your revival identity!

  • Shift atmospheres through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you.
  • Take authority over the powers of darkness in a person or a place.
  • Saturate your home, workplace, or school with the presence of God.
  • Enter into your revival identity where you become the move of God you have been waiting and praying for.

Revival is here! It is time to step into the move of God that you have been praying for!